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Why should you join a Student Organization?

There are many reasons why you should join a student club/organization. Some help you with your career, some help you with social skills, and others help you with personality and character development.

1. Networking
2. Social Skills
3. Professional Experience
4. Personality Development
5. Leadership Skills
6. Alumni Networking
7. Organization and Management Skills
8. Friendships and Fun


How many student organizations should you join?

It is very tempting when you see the long list of 200 + student organizations at a University to join every one of them. But keeping reality in check, you can’t become overwhelmed. Pick a few and prioritize. Ideally, being part of 2 to 3 student organizations is ideal. Also, be aware of the positions you may hold and responsibility that each club may require. It also depends on how active the student organizations are…do they meet weekly, monthly or quarterly? Just imagine if your club or organization meets weekly and you are in four different clubs, more than half of your time in a week will be consumed in club responsibilities. You do not want to lose academic focus… So be cautious!


What kind of student organizations should I join?

Your main goal for picking a student organization should be based on your career path, passions, interests or personal satisfaction. Just think logically before you join, does it add value to your life? If yes…join.